The development intention of the project is to contribute to food security, improved nutrition and the economic situation of the rural population, which will improve the situation of the local population, which will have better sources of livelihood and income thanks to year-round access to fruit and fruit products.

The project contributed to improving the quality of products for sale and increasing the income of the local population, which improved the quality of life. The project provided solutions for the rural population by reducing dependence on conventional energy sources, improving their living conditions, increasing agricultural production and...

Contribute to improving the living standards of small farmers in the Southern Province of Zambia (Choma and Monze districts) by increasing the average income of farmers from agricultural production and increasing the average household consumption during the monitored period.

In cooperation with company EVECO Brno, the project documentation for the construction of a facility for the ecological management of hospital waste in the Ethiopian hospital Felege Hiwot Referral (FHRH) was prepared based on the requirements of the project beneficiary.

The aim of the project was to realize the economic and social potential of innovated products from moringa superfood in Ethiopia. The project builds on our previous successes of the mojeMORINGA brand, with which we won the first place in the SDGs Awards in the field of Foreign development cooperation in 2019.

The aim of the project was to develop a business plan to exploit the economic and social potential of BIO fruits (plums, apricots) from Moldova for export to the EU dried by an ecological solar drier. It also evaluates its competitiveness on the Czech and European markets.