Introduction of Fruit Value Chain in Ethiopia


Project details

  • Project Implementer: Mendel University in Brno
  • Donor: Czech Development Cooperation
  • Implementation period: 2020 - 2023
  • Holistic Solutions Ltd participation: throughout the implementation period

Goal of the project

The development intention of the project is to contribute to food security, improved nutrition and the economic situation of the rural population, which will improve the situation of the local population, which will have better sources of livelihood and income thanks to year-round access to fruit and fruit products.


The aim of the project is to develop and stabilize the system of production, processing and commercialization of fruit in order to improve nutrition, health and business opportunities in the Arba Minch Zuria woreda of the Gamo region of the SNNPR region.


Output 1: Increased diversity of cultivated fruit species

Output 2: Widespread use of sustainable agricultural practices in fruit production

Output 3: Established suitable methods of storage, processing and use of the nutritional richness of fruit

Output 4: Increased competitiveness of fruit producers and processors

Target Group and Beneficiaries

The direct target groups of the project are farmers living and working in Zuria Woreda district of Arba Minch, who will receive support in the form of transfer of knowledge and skills in horticulture from the production of fruit tree seedlings, establishment of fruit plantations, their management to proper harvesting methods. Furthermore, farmers and their families who will gain know-how and technical support in the proper handling of harvested fruit, their storage and possible processing, as well as entities that will process and commercialize fruit. Other target groups include district and zonal agricultural officials, agricultural advisers and community representatives and, last but not least, women from rural communities who will be trained in proper nutrition and diversity, including the preparation of nutritionally rich meals for children, and pupils and young people from local schools.

The final beneficiaries of the project are the agricultural population of AMZW, living and farming in the affected areas near Lake Abaya. Whole families of farmers will benefit from interventions to improve nutrition from their own or purchased production. Consumption of an expanded range of products will significantly increase the nutrition of the whole family, and thus the overall health.

The Holistic Solutions team focuses mainly on activities related to the production hall, irrigation systems in the newly built nursery and rehabilitation of existing irrigation systems. They also participate in educational activities and some trainings.

In 2020, researchers from Mendel University in Brno and the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague published an analysis in which suitable fruits were preliminarily selected for introduction into production at Arba Minch. This selection will continue this year in order to achieve the best possible result from both a professional and socio-economic point of view. You can read the analysis in English HERE.