Few days ago, we attended the subject Block of Experts at MENDELU, where Holistic Solutions founder Jaromír Novák talked about his beginnings with projects in developing countries, about his business with moringa (click here for more information about moringa), about the pitfalls he went through (and occasionally is still going through) and what to...

On Friday we attended an event organized by our partner JIC called #Inspiration: Food Tech and the Future. In a panel discussion, together with other entrepreneurs in the Food Tech industry, we answered questions that could inspire and make it easier for those who are considering doing business in this field.

An article was published on the website of the Czech Development Cooperation, which acknowledged the efforts that we, together with Mendel University in Brno, devoted to pilot project Holistic Management and Climate Smart Agriculture in SNNPR and we are devoting to the current Introduction of Holistic Landscape Management Project in SNNPR.

Within the project Introduction of Holistic Landscape Management Project in SNNPR implemented by Mendel University in Brno in cooperation with us in Ethiopia, a great video about the locality and the project itself was created. Enjoy the atmosphere with us!