We're an international team of passionate professionals that provides comprehensive and multi-disciplinary consulting services in the areas of sustainable development, agriculture, and environmental protection. We offer a guidance for development projects as well as for companies on their journey and lead them through many of the current development challenges. Our team designs and manages projects holistically to achieve sustainability and efficiency of the implemented activities.  


We believe that solutions to the challenges need to address today's as well as future´s needs for societies to thrive and flourish. Thus, our approach interconnects solutions that have been proven with time, the current research and trends and modern and innovative solutions that are yet to be implemented. We second the global urge to think globally, act locally as we believe that all people must hold themselves accountable for tomorrow to take action in their own communities and cities. 


Our team consists of extraordinary experts with many years of experience in a wide range of areas and from a variety of organizations. We are passioned about the work we do. We love to support communities, individuals and local governments in order to sustain environmental protection and development. This passion of ours has brought us together professionally as well as personally to support reaching the targets and goals. We have academic, public, private as well as non-governmental background from all over the world. By combining suitable experts, we provide a comprehensive solution to environmental and social problems.   

From earning the first SDGs prize in the foreign development cooperation category
From earning the first SDGs prize in the foreign development cooperation category


1. Business Development Consulting


We help you to understand the political, economic and social environment of the developing country you would like to invest in, analyze threats and opportunities so you can make an informed decision.

Feasibility study

We draw up the feasibility study providing analysis of the market potential of your product or services identifying the best way forward for you.


We provide a guidance for you on your business trips, support with contacts in local conditions for the efficient and timely implementation of the business idea.

Further support

We analyze the market regularly and we will keep you informed and up to date.

2. Development Assistance


We help you develop the initial concept, analyze the baseline and evaluate future needs so you can fully scope your project.


We draw up the project plan, identifying the best way forward for you and your particular circumstances.


We guarantee the efficient and timely implementation of the project analyze and make sure the final result complies with all requirements.

Monitoring and evaluation

We analyze indicators to assess whether the impact has been achieved based on the results of the project.

3. Agricultural Value Chains Investments

Fair Trade

We are interested in fair trade and cooperation on Agricultural Value Chains Investments. 

We can cooperate with you and share with you our knowledge from our experience of growing, processing, producing final products and applying them to markets in the form of fair trade sales.