What we do

Know-how and innovation transfer to developing countries

Fair Trade approach to support small scale farmers and their families

Consultancy services and expertise to the implementation of development projects

Our expertise

Forestry, Agriculture, and Fishery

Implementation of Climate Smart Agriculture, crop and forestry production.

Water management

We provide a full range of services to deliver holistic solutions to sustainably protect, maintain and operate water resources.

Fair trade

We bring new business opportunities to people, transfer know-how and contribute to improving the business environment in developing countries.

Environmental protection

Transfer expert knowledge and know-how in environmental protection, landscape management and reforestation.

Work with us

Business Development Consulting

Are you a company that wants to invest in Africa, Asia and/or Latin America and you reliable partner?

Does your product or service have business potential in a particular country?

Forestry, Agriculture, and Fishery

Do you have an idea for a development project but not sure how to start?

Does your project needs experienced experts in our area of expertise? 

Agricultural Value chains investments

Do you want to invest in the fair trade and support agricultural production?

Do you want to sell fair trade products in Europe?

We think fair trade



Our priority countries: Ethiopia, Zambia, Cambodia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia and Moldova.

However, we are not that much limited.



We have 14 years experience and references from the realization of developing projects focused on know-how transfer and environment protection.



We have 5 permanent experts and hundreds in a wider portfolio. 

For the holistic approach, we create effective teams of experts.



The aim of the project is to apply the business plan to make use of the economic and social potential of mango from Cambodia for export to the EU through the transfer of know-how and innovative mango processing in Cambodia and the introduction of Cambodian mango in the Czech market.


Our project mojeMORINGA won first place and contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and make the world a better place.


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