Superfood Moringa from Ethiopia


The aim of the project was to realize the economic and social potential of innovated products from moringa superfood in Ethiopia. The project builds on our previous successes of the mojeMORINGA brand, with which we won the first place in the SDGs Awards in the field of Foreign development cooperation in 2019.

A new marketing concept has been created to establish a new internationally applicable brand. Thus, mojeMORINGA brand was replaced by TIBIBIRI (in Amharic, the word for friendship / partnership). This brand also affects the entire project and the new production of packaging and labels for the Ethiopian and European markets. During the implementation, new production, new brand, new product packaging, new labels and new certifications and permission to do business in Ethiopia were set up.

The production was equipped with the necessary machines and equipment for the production of moring tablets and oil. Great emphasis was placed on production certification and product sales authorization in Ethiopia, which is associated with the provision of professional personnel in production to obtain certification.

Sales are already successfully carried out in the Czech Republic and abroad (first orders of moringa oil from Japan, etc.). The successful implementation of the project in 2019 was documented during many visits by representatives of Czech and foreign institutions (representatives of the Czech Embassy in Ethiopia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, etc.).

The result of the project are new innovative products from the moringa tree with a distinctive design and a privileged position on the Ethiopian market.