Enhancing Education and Livelihoods of Refugees and their Host Communities in Zambia


Project details

  • Project Implementer: Caritas Czech Republic
  • Donor: Czech Development Cooperation, UNHCR
  • Implementation period: 2021 - 2023
  • Holistic Solutions Ltd participation: throughout the implementation period


The main objective of this project was to improve access to livelihood and self-sufficiency of refugees and members of host communities in Zambia by supporting sustainable and profitable agricultural production and by developing value chains.


Output 1: Refugees and members of host communities in refugee settlements have improved their self-reliance by increasing agricultural production and productivity, promoting processing and access to market and financial services.

Output 2: Sustainable agricultural systems in refugee settlements have been supported by the promotion of integrated agriculture.

Output 3: Refugees and members of host communities in Lusaka have productive and profitable agricultural production and sales adapted to urban areas.

Target Group and Beneficiaries

The target groups were members of host communities and involuntarily displaced persons living in one of three refugee settlements (Meheba, Mayukwayukwa, Mantapala) or Lusaka in Zambia. Specifically, the project focused on the following categories:

  • Refugees
  • Refugees with long-term residency permit in the city (Urban Residency Permit)
  • Former refugees who have been integrated
  • Members of host communities (Zambians)

Final beneficiaries of the project were refugees and their host communities, that will have better access to agricultural inputs, processing, and access to the market and financial services. The project will have long-term positive impacts on a population of approximately 129,199 refugees, former refugees, and members of host communities from 4 provinces.

The Holistic Solutions team focused primarily on activities related to water exploration and efficient water use, as well as evaluating the potential of urban agriculture and designing optimal solutions.