Hybrid Solar Dryers for Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs and NTFPs in Georgia


Project details

  • Project Implementer: CARE Czech Republic
  • Donor: UNDP Challenge Fund
  • Implementation period: 2020 - 2021
  • Holistic Solutions Ltd participation: throughout the implementation period

Goal of the project

The project contributed to improving the quality of products for sale and increasing the income of the local population, which improved the quality of life. The project provided solutions for the rural population by reducing dependence on conventional energy sources, improving their living conditions, increasing agricultural production and providing economic opportunities.


The development impact of the project was to contribute to the economic strengthening of the rural population and to support environmental sustainability in selected five regions of Georgia through the transfer of Czech know-how in the field of renewable energy and intelligent technologies in the field of climate and agriculture. The ability to dry fruits and vegetables is an essential element in achieving the long-term food security of many people and communities, where certain crops may be abundant during the harvest, but may be scarce or out of season due to the need to preserve and cool them, which makes these foods otherwise unavailable.


Output 1: Increased awareness of energy efficient technologies, the impacts of climate change, resilient livelihoods and opportunities for sustainable development.

Output 2: Development of outlets for dried fruits, vegetables and NTFP. Potential buyers of dried products in the country are identified.

Output 3: The use of hybrid solar dryers for fruit, berries and vegetables in this area is expanding and creating new job and income opportunities for the rural population, especially for rural women and young people.

Output 4: Innovative solutions are introduced through the transition from a fossil economy to a biotechnology-based economy at community and regional level, the development of sustainable, flexible and cost-effective processes.

Output 5: Information sharing systems, such as radio and television programs, promotional videos, but also information brochures, leaflets and banners, are in place and widely published and distributed.

Target Group and Beneficiaries

The project had an impact on a wider group of the rural population, which benefits from the greater knowledge and opportunities offered by innovative energy solutions and their implementation into everyday life. Specifically, these are women farmers, cooperatives, entrepreneurs in agribusiness, representatives of local authorities, NGOs and other organizations.

The Holistic Solutions team focused mainly on activities related to training and know-how exchange, as well as the preparation of training materials in cooperation with a local partner and the creation of a feasibility study based on a visit to the project areas concerned.