We have won 1st place within SDGs


Our project mojeMORINGA won first place and contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and make the world a better place.

Check our presentation in the Radio Prague International.

The project "Utilisation of the economic and social potential of the innovated products from superfood moringa from Ethiopia", is implemented since 2014 and was twice supported by the B2B program of the Czech Development Cooperation.

The produced products are sold on the European market through wholesale and e-shop platform www.mojemoringa.cz.

It is situated on the shores of Lake Abaya, near the city Arba Minch in southern Ethiopia, where it focuses on the agricultural population, especially the women processing the Moringa oleifera and Moringa stenopetala leaves and seeds. 

Two female agricultural cooperatives, with a total of 40 women who are trained in techniques of proper cultivation, harvesting and collecting moringa, including hygiene and appropriate packaging of raw materials, are directly involved in the project.

Traditionally, the place of moringa is only used as fresh food, like our cabbage or spinach. After being trained, local people will make much more use of the potential of their land and their products. Correctly dried, processed and packaged moringa can move far beyond the local marketplace, opening up a multi-consumer market. This, of course, brings families profits that not only help provide nutrition, health care and education for children but also motivate young people who may be able to continue their agro-business activities instead of leaving their homes and looking for work in another region or even in another country.

This, of course, brings families profits that not only help provide nutrition, health care and education for children...

The project is dealing with the processing of moringa for different products, a production hall is currently being equipped with moulding machines to produce moringa oil and moringa tablets. By processing the raw material at the place is added value to the products and the region will generate higher profits and additional jobs for local residents.

The project is already directly influenced by the training or employment of about 50 local residents, after the start of the production will be occupied approx. 10, especially young people. Another 150 farmers are periodically supported by the purchase of moringa leaves and seeds.