Use of Mango Stones as a Source of Valuable Fats and Renewable Energy in Cambodia


Project details

  • Project Implementer: Mendel University in Brno
  • Donor: Czech UNDP Challenge Fund
  • Implementation period: 2022 - 2023
  • Holistic Solutions Ltd participation: throughout the implementation period

Current situation

Cambodia is one of the world's important mango producers. The processing of mango creates processing waste - the mango stone which is woody and of big size. Currently stones are only treated as a waste and in case of bigger fruit processers it performs a problem for local environment. Big dumping sites occupy arable land and pollute the underground water. Decrease of waste by utilizing it would reduce the pressure on the environment. Moreover, usage of fuelwood contributes to deforestation and biodiversity loss. Substitute the need of fuelwood for the mango processing companies would help to decrease the pressure and create a valid and renewable source of energy.

Goal of the project

The project aims to transfer Czech technical know-how related to the processing of fruit stones to valuable fats and fuel pellets and thus further develop mango processing value chain.

Target Group and Beneficiaries

The problem of deforestation connected with fuel wood use is one of the most serious problems in Cambodia. Substitute, at least partially, the fuel wood for pellets made from mango waste will improve the environment and affect local people. In case of full-scale application, the people will experience positive environmental, social and economic impact of the technology and related services, incl. raising the technical education, qualification and employment of young people and improved research. Direct beneficiaries will be also fruit processing companies, the university and cooperatives who will get the transferred know-how.