Protection of Awassa Lake Through Sustainable Management of Surrounding Area in Ethiopia


Project details

  • Project Implementer: Mendel University in Brno
  • Donor: Czech Development Cooperation
  • Implementation period: 2019 - 2022
  • Holistic Solutions Ltd participation: throughout the implementation period

Goal of the project

Contribute to improving the environment of Awassa Lake and its surroundings.


Implementation of sustainable landscape management and reduction of pollution and clogging of Awassa Lake.


1. Spatial planning accepted by officials and communities.

2. Functional protection of Awassa Lake is built.

3. Built and revitalized buildings of urban greenery.

4. Rehabilitation of degraded areas and their subsequent sustainable management.

5. Improve land management by introducing innovations in agriculture and forestry.

Target Group and Beneficiaries

The target group was comprised of government officials and local experts from SNNPR and Sidama zone regional and zonal offices, civil servants of affected kebel and local community and farmers of affected kebels.

The final beneficiaries of the project were the agricultural and non-agricultural population of Awassa city, Sidama zone and SNNPR. The final group of beneficiaries consistsed of about 340 directly affected, about 5.500 households, which was about 27.500 inhabitants including children. In particular, we are speaking about families living in the affected kebels near the lake and fishermen making their living on Awassa Lake.

The Holistic Solutions team focused mainly on awareness-raising activities, planning and design work for the construction of the Awassa Lake Protective Zone, as well as participatory project documentation of the affected urban green areas.