Livelihood Stabilisation and Development in Response to Climate Change, Zambia


Project details

  • Project Implementer: CARE Czech Republic, z.s.
  • Donor: Czech Development Cooperation
  • Implementation period: 2020 - 2023
  • Holistic Solutions Ltd participation: since 2021


The project aims to create more secure and resilient livelihoods for the poorest smallholder farmers in two districts of the Southern Province of Zambia. Securing and strengthening the livelihoods of these target communities means working within an agricultural system that is fragile and operating at sub-optimal levels of production and sustainability.


Output 1: Improved food and nutrition security and livelihood security for 3,750 smallholder farmers and their households.

Output 2: Vulnerability of 3,750 smallholder farmers and their households and ecosystems at risk from climate change reduced.

Output 3: Improved enabling environment for women to participate in household and community decision-making, access productive resources and engage in income-generating activities.

Target Group and Beneficiaries

The project will provide integrated food security, nutrition and livelihood support to 3,750 smallholder farmers (of which at least 50% are female smallholder farmers) and their households, a total of 22,500 people. Indirect target groups will be dependants from direct beneficiary households, children, the chronically ill and the elderly, amounting to approximately 67 500 people.

The Holistic Solutions team focuses on activities related to the value chain, its improvement, finding new opportunities and improving dysfunctional systems. It also prepares training materials on proper techniques within value chains.