Fair trade Mango from Cambodia


The aim of the project is to apply the business plan to make use of the economic and social potential of mango from Cambodia for export to the EU through the transfer of know-how and innovative mango processing in Cambodia and the introduction of Cambodian mango in the Czech market.

The main vision of the project is the introduction of correct and innovative technological procedures for the processing of dried mango in line with the general requirements of the European market and the European Commission on food safety and to open up the European market for the import of dried mango from Cambodia to support a wide chain of Cambodian farmers producing mango to the Cambodian partner of the project.

Appropriate agronomic practices, including integrated environmental protection, will be in place to improve the production of quality and healthy mango fruits. Innovative steps will be proposed to improve the processing process (quality control, innovative preservation), mycotoxin and pesticide content testing, packaging improvement and packaging.