Dried Organic Fruit from Moldova


The aim of the project was to develop a business plan to exploit the economic and social potential of BIO fruits (plums, apricots) from Moldova for export to the EU dried by an ecological solar drier. It also evaluates its competitiveness on the Czech and European markets.

Our vision of the ideal product is BIO fruit dried by renewable energy source (sunlight), which is a product of organic farming and is protected from pests by purely natural methods without the use of chemicals. Its harvesting and processing is carried out in compliance with high hygiene and safety standards, in which workers are properly trained, women and men are equally involved in the production. Driers are used for fruit drying and they will be delivered by the implementation team according to the newly designed prototype of solar drier. The fruit itself is dried at not too high temperatures to retain its fresh taste, vitamins and antioxidants. The final dried organic fruit has excellent taste, texture, firmness, smell, color and is free of preservatives, added sugar, colorings, aromas, flavorings and other chemical ingredients.

Within the project, the implementation team assessed the marketing possibilities of dried BIO fruit, evaluated the current technology of drying fruit by solar dryers and designed the most suitable prototype focusing on the efficiency and economy of the design. We contacted Moldovan partners and consultants to collect the necessary data. In the Czech Republic, a market analysis was conducted to assess competitiveness and potential demand.

The resulting business plan was optimized in cooperation with experts to start a business collaboration associated with the transfer of know-how in the field of solar fruit dryers and appropriate packaging of dried organic fruits.